What we do

Our vision is a world in which Musa diversity is valued, secured and supporting livelihoods.

To create this world our mission is: “To build upon existing strengths in the global, regional and national collections by bringing people to optimize the effort to conserve, add value and promote the use and safe distribution of a wide range of Musa diversity as a foundation for further breeding or direct use by farmers.”

How we will do this?

By providing a collaborative framework to support the implementation of the Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Musa Genetic Resources.

Our objectives

  • To ensure the secured conservation of the entire Musa genepool by assessing the diversity conserved and filling gaps, with an emphasis on threatened material;
  • To strengthen the capacity of partners for the cost-effective long-term conservation and management of germplasm collections and facilitate access to useful Musa genetic resources in improvement programmes and by other users;
  • To enhance the value of Musa diversity for breeding, through effective collaborative characterization, evaluation and pre-breeding efforts;
  • To raise awareness with key partners on the importance of Musa diversity conservation, documentation, exchange and sharing the benefits arising from its use. Set priorities for research, breeding, and use of Musa diversity, ensuring critical links with the Regional Networks.