Taxonomic Advisory Group

The Taxonomic Advisory Group (TAG) is composed of 12 taxonomists from the Diversity Thematic Group with expertise across the Musa diversity spectrum. They voluntarily provide technical advice and support the implementation of the Global Musa Strategy. The group has participated in several MusaNet workshops where they developed a minimum set of descriptors and photos for characterization of germplasm, published guidelines for regenerating Musa accessions, and created the Taxonomic Reference Collection. The TAG also give their expert opinion on the genetic integrity of ITC accessions through the ongoing Field Verification exercise. 

Email: bioversity-musanettag@

Jeff Daniells
DAF- Cairns, Australia

Edmond DeLanghe
Leuven, Belgium

Christophe Jenny
CIRAD- Montpellier, France

Jean-Pierre Horry
CIRAD- Montpellier, France

Agus Sutanto
ITFRI – Solok, Indonesia

Deborah Karamura
Kampala, Uganda

Kodjo Tomekpe
CIRAD – Guadeloupe, France

Rony Swennen
IITA – Arusha, Tanzania

Joseph Adheka
University of Kisangani
DR Congo

Gabriel Sachter-Smith
Hawaii, U.S.A.

Lucien Ibobondji
CARBAP – Cameroon

Janet Paofa
NARI – Papua New Guinea