New publication: The Wild Bananas – a catalogue of wild Musa species and tribute to Markku Häkkinen.

The Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT, under the framework of the global banana research network MusaNet, has published a catalogue of wild Musa (banana) species, which is also a tribute to the late banana taxonomist Markku Häkkinen. The 233 page catalogue is authored by Gabriel Sachter-Smith, banana taxonomist and farmer, who worked closely with Markku until his passing in 2015. Gabriel has realised his and Markku’s shared goal – to publish this illustrated and informative global monograph of wild banana species, many of which were first described by Markku.

The catalogue is open access and available here:

The Wild Bananas (low resolution – 23 MB)

The Wild Bananas (high resolution – 53 MB)

To view with online display click here.